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Salomon Gypsy

Salomon Gypsy

The Salomon Gypsy is a medium/soft flexing freestyle board. Similar in style to the mens version (Salomon Villain), the Gypsy is best in the park but will do well everywhere.

It has the Rock Out Camber Profile, which means that the board is flat between your feet, camber under your feet and then rocker on the nose and tail.

The flat section keeps the board stable at high speed, and the camber sections help with the stability and edge hold in icy days, while the rocker tip and tail keep it easy to press and butter.

It has a medium soft flex, that Salomon rate as a 4/10. Soft enough that you can press and move it around easily, but not so soft that it will wash out on jumps.

Like most park boards, it has a true twin shape, so it will ride exactly the same whether you are riding it in regular or switch.

The Aspen core is made up of FSC certified wood strips, which keep the board strong but light. The Slingshot suspension are carbon inlays, that help you to load and release energy, which is a fancy way for saying they will help you ollie higher.

The sintered EG base is tough and fast, and is made to keep you going fast in everything from cold dry pow to hot slushy spring snow. It does a good job at soaking in wax.

The Freestyle Edge Bevel means that the board comes with the tip and tail detuned, and a 2 degree edge bevel in the main parts of the sidecut. Between your feet, the 2 degree blends into a 3 degree, which means that it is going to be less likely to catch on rails or boxes, but still able to hold a good edge on ice.

Features of the Salomon Gypsy

  • Rock Out Camber Profile
  • True Twin Shape
  • EQ RAD Sidecut
  • Popster Booster Construction
  • Aspen SLCT Core
  • Slingshot Suspension
  • Sintered EG Base
  • Freestyle Edge Bevel
  • Medium Stone Finish

Sizes available:

  • 138cm
  • 143cm
  • 147cm
  • 151cm
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