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Salomon Craft Review 2016

The Salomon Craft is an affordable board that can be ridden all over the mountain.

It has the Rock Out Camber profile, which means that it has a flat section between your bindings, camber under your feet and rocker on the tip and the tail.

The large flat section is made to give you a solid platform that is not catchy or unpredictable, while the smaller camber sections add some stability and edge hole, while the rocker tip and tail make it easy to press.

The Craft has the freestyle edge bevel, which means that the as soon as you take the board out of its wrapper, it is good to ride everywhere. The tip and tail have been detuned, the edges have a 2 degree bevel on them which changes up to a 3 degree bevel between your feet.

What that means is that you can ride everywhere on the mountain with a good edge hold even in icy conditions, but the extra degree of bevel between your feet mean that you can ride it in the park, on rails without having to worry so much about it catching. No need to do a crazy detune and lose the benefits of sharp edges for when you are riding everywhere else.

It has a medium flex, that Salomon give a 4 out of 10 on their scale. Soft enough that you can press with out too much effort, but still stable enough to handle high speeds and all mountain riding.

To help give a smoother ride and absorb impacts, the Royal Rubber pads are 4mm of soft rubber that is placed in the sidewalls and helps absorb vibrations and help with big impacts.

How it rides

The Salomon Craft was a nice surprise, it does well in a lot of situations for a cheaper board.

The ride is quite stable, the Rock Out Camber profile works well. It is quite stable at high speed, and very easy to start and leave turns. Edge hold is good, it feels quite similar to the hold you get on a flat board, solid but not at all catchy like a camber board.

The medium flex (4/10) is easy to press and you can still get a decent pop out of the board. The rockered tip and tail make it easy to butter and press, and it will let you be sloppy and not catch an edge if you don’t make a spin the whole way around.

It is stable (stiff) enough through the middle of the board that it handles jumps and drops fine, without flexing too much if you have your weight too far over the nose or tail.

The base isn’t super fast, but does a fine job, especially considering the low price of the board.

Overall it is going to be a good board for someone who wants one board to ride everywhere, and doesn’t want to spend a huge amount.

Whether you are riding it on groomed runs, through the trees or in the park, it will still do a good job.

Features of the Salomon Craft:

  • Rock Out Camber
  • EQ RAD
  • Popster Core Profile
  • Freestyle Edge Bevel
  • 4/10 flex rating
  • True Twin shape
  • 4×2 Inserts
  • Biaxial medium density fiberglass
  • Extruded EG base
  • Stone ground finish
  • Royal Rubber Pads

Sizes available:

  • 146cm
  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm
  • 160cm
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