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Burton Antler Flying V 2017

The Burton Antler Flying V is a high performing, lightweight board that is made for people who don’t need a board as aggressive as the Custom X. Made to get a good ride, without being super unforgivable and aggressive.

Features of the Burton Antler Flying V

  • Camber
    While the older 2016 and earlier Antler came in both Flying V and camber, it is just camber this year. It is the most aggressive and solid feel you can get from a snowboard. It is stable, poppy and gives you the best pop and edge hold at high speed.
  • Directional shape
    There board has a directional shape, so it will ride slightly nicer in the regular direction, but there still won’t be any problems if you want to ride it switch.
  • Twin Flex
    Although it has a directional shape, the flex on the board is the exact same no matter which way you ride it. So that means that pressing or ollieing will feel the same in both regular and switch directions.
  • Dragonfly Core
    They used end grain woods in the impact zones of the board, so that they can swap out heavier woods for lighter woods without losing strength in the core.
    burton dragonfly core 600g
  • Multizone EGD
    There are four separate areas, where the wood grain is perpendicular to the core near the channel (the red and green parts on the picture above) to get the most strength and edge control.
  • Sintered WFO base
    It’s a hard a fast base material, that is infused with wax to keep it moving fast in all conditions.
  • 60° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage
  • Squeezebox High
    The core has a profile that changes from thick to thin, which gives it more flexible sections, as well as much stronger sections.
  • The Channel
    They work best with Burton EST bindings, but you can pretty much put any brand of bindings on a Channel board without a problem now. You get much more options for stance width, and angles with a Channel board.
  • Scoop
  • Pro-Tip
    Fancy name for tapered tip and tails, which keep the weight down and make it a bit easier to spin around.
  • Dual Guard Rails
  • Infinite Ride
    The boards are built stronger than they need to be, and then put in a machine that “breaks in” the board. It is made so that you end up with a board that is already broken in from new, so that it will have the same flex, pop and feel from new that it does at the end of the season.
  • 3 Year Warranty
    Since 2014 all Burton boards with the Channel have a 3 year warranty.

Should I buy the Burton Antler?

The Burton Antler is going to be a good board for someone who wants a light, fun board that they can ride anywhere. It’s made to be the sort of high end board that can be pushed really far, but doesn’t need to be ridden like somethings as aggressive as a Custom X.

Overall, there aren’t too many differences between the Antler and the regular Burton Custom. You pay a bit more for the Antler, and you get a lighter, more complicated core (multizone egd rather than the dualzone), the Squeezebox high, and some higher end fiberglass.

Other than that they have the same shape, camber profile, so if you are looking to save a little bit of money, the Custom will be a good choice.

BOARD SIZE 151.5 154.5 157.5
Weight Range 125-165 lbs. / 57-75 kg 130-170 lbs. / 59-77 kg 135-175 lbs. / 61-79 kg
Running Length 1100mm 1130mm 1160mm
Waist Width 247mm 249mm 251mm
Sidecut Depth 20.5mm 21.1mm 21.6mm
Sidecut Radius 7.4m 7.6m 7.8m
Stance Width 550mm 550mm 550mm
Nose Width 288.0mm 291.2mm 294.2mm
Tail Width 288.0mm 291.2mm 294.2mm
Effective Edge 1145mm 1175mm 1205mm
Stance Location 0 0 0
Binding Sizes M M/L M/L

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From evo.com

This board was awesome. Can barely tell that the image is blemished, but it performs like the regular board. Totally worth the money and it was a steal. Took it out in Vermont and it was killer in the slush, hard pack and on the ice. Set the stance a little back for some extra float in powder and for a directional board it rides switch pretty comfortably

Reviews from the Flying V version of the Antler

Well I’ve been a die hard Mervin fan for me entire 1.5 year snowboarding career (60 times a year so far)

I’ve tried 5 different mervin boards and as good as they are, this board is better.

I think it resembles the TRS the most. It’s VERY maneuverable, poppy, and the most FUN board that I have every ridden. I have heard people complain about burton flying V edges hold. I haven’t had any problems yet, but I haven’t ridden on very icy conditions yet. I don’t see it being a problem though.

I don’t charge the mountain hard all day. But I’ve gotten it up to about 45mph for far without a hint of chatter, and it felt just as stable as the CRC mervin boards that I rode last year.

If you like an all mountain board with a fun/freestyle playful feeling. This is for you.

I’m also a techy kind of guy that likes companies that are trying to innovate and push eh sport further. I think Burton is that company. Some call it marketing, some calling it innovation.

5 Stars for me!

A great all mountain ride. Just love it.

This is a fun twintip that has a stiff tip and tail. It has a medium flex in the waist. The Antler has Flying V Rocker with the Dragon Fly II core (like the Custom X) I had the Antler paired up with the Cartels which made for a super playful ride… When you charge the stiffer tip and tail allow you to eat up the bumps.

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