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Union Asadachi

Union Asadachi

After first stumbling across these bindings while ago, I was intrigued. Polished wood bindings looked awesome, and they would make a great kitschy combination to go with my Salomon Sick Stick. I wanted a pair of higher end, responsive bindings and these fit he bill perfectly.

I had a little laugh after finding out the Japanese translation of Asadachi is “morning wood” and continued looking around for stores that sell them. They were quite hard to find them, lots of online store had them listed as sold out.

A trip to the evo store in Seattle showed how nice they are in real life. Awesome combination of woodgrain and classy black which is strange to have on bindings.

In terms of how they ride, they are basically the same as the Union Force, which is a good thing. Tough, responsive and reliable are all qualities you want in bindings.


  • Woodgrain
  • Same reliability as Forces


  • Can be hard to get

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