ride revolt bindings 2017 white
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Ride Revolt

Ride Revolt

Ride Revolt 2017

The Ride Revolt is a medium flexing, do it all binding with an asymmetrical ankle strap and Slimeback highbacks.

Features of the Ride Revolt

  • 5/10
  • Aluminum Edge Chassis System
    The Edge Chassis System is made to be an all mountain, versatile base that has lots of adjustment options. It is made from 6061 aluminum alloy. You can easily adjust the position of the heelcup by sliding it back or forwards.
  • Slimeback DE Highback
    The highback is made to give you good support, but will also help absorb vibrations.
  • Wedgie Footbed
    This is a light footbed that has a slight angle that is made to help align your ankles and knees in a slightly more natural position for riding. The idea is that it will give you a more comfortable ride, as well as give you more pop for ollies.
  • EVA Basepad
    The basepad is made out of EVA material, which is good at absorbing vibrations. The less vibrations that make it through to your feet, the less tired they will get.
  • Freestyle Core Ankle Strap
  • ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap
    The toe strap is made out of rubber, so that it can stretch over the toes of your boot, and not slip off.
  • AstroGlyde LT Ratchets
    A low profile, aluminum ratchet that is lightweight.
  • Forged Aluminum Micro-Disc
    The micro disc is 30% lighter than the standard disc, and means the bindings can be mounted on regular 2×4 pattern boards, as well as boards with the Channel.

Sizes Available:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


What size bindings do I need for my boots?

Ride Mens Binding Size Guide
Binding Size Medium Large Extra Large
Mens Boot Size 5-9 8-12 11-15

Ride Revolt 2017 colors

ride revolt bindings 2017 white


ride revolt bindings 2017 orange


ride revolt bindings 2017 black


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