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Flow Five

Flow Bindings are very good at dividing people. One one side you have people who use them and swear by them, and on the other you have people who would never go near them.

Personally I would not go near them, but I have friends who ride them and don’t see what all the hate is about.

On the positive side, they are very fast to do up, if you have flow bindings you will be waiting for your friends to strap in at the top of every run. They offer a bunch of adjustments (4 mini ratchets) that will allow you to fit them to your boot in a similar way to regular bindings.

On the negative side, they can be hard to find a good adjustment setting that will allow you to easily kick your boot in, lock in the highback and keep a snug and responsive feeling. It really is just finding the balance between easy to get in and keeping them firm enough to ride. This might sounds like I am making a big deal out of nothing, but in reality it just requires a bit of setting up when you get them. At least when they are done you won’t have to adjust them again.


  • Fast to do up
  • Medium flex


  • Hard to find replacement parts

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