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Arbor Coda Camber

The Arbor Coda Camber is an aggressive board made for all-mountain and backcountry riding. It has the Mountain-Twin shape and the System Camber profile.

Burton Socialite

Burton Socialite Review The Burton Socialite is made to be a soft flexing board, that can handle anywhere on the mountain.

Burton Social

Burton Social Review The Burton Social is a loose and fun snowboard that is really god for riders wanting to progress and learn new tricks.

Burton Nugget

Burton Nugget Review The Burton Nugget is a short, flat, twin board that is made to be ridden a whole 8-10cm shorter than the board you normally ride.

Burton Deja Vu Flying V

Burton Deja Vu Flying V 2017 The Burton Deja Vu Flying V is a medium soft flexing, twin shaped freestyle board that you can ride all over the mountain.

Slash Spectrum

The Slash Spectrum is a completely flat freestyle snowboard. The Zero Camber profile means that it is right in the middle between an aggressive camber board, and a loose and playful rocker board. It has a 5/10 flex rating, so it is going to have enough flex that you can press and butter with it, but enough stability so that…

GNU Billy Goat

The GNU Billy Goat is an aggressive, directional twin snowboard that is made to carve just as well as it floats in pow.

Lib Tech Darker Series

Lib Tech Darker Series Review The Lib Tech Darker Series is a medium stiff, directional twin board that is made for all mountain and freeriding.

K2 Joy Driver

K2 Joy Driver 2015/2016 The K2 Joy Driver is a pretty serious board, made to handle all sorts of terrain and conditions. It has the All Terrain Baseline profile, a Bambooyah core, and a tapered directional shape. It has a fast and hard sintered base. Features in the K2 Joy Driver: All Terrain Baseline Hybritech construction Tapered directional shape Bambooyah…

Bataleon Boss

The Bataleon Boss is a slightly stepped up version of their popular park/freestyle board, the Evil Twin. It has the Park 3BT profile, which has a medium width center base.

Niche Knew

The Niche Knew is a flat, soft flexing twin park board that can also ride all over the mountain.

Bataleon Global Warmer

Bataleon Global Warmer Review The Bataleon Global Warmer is the big brother to the Bataleon Airobic. Like the Airobic, the Global Warmer is a park board. Like all Bataleon boards, it has the Triple Base Technology (3BT), which combines a camber profile of the board, with lifted edges at the contact points. An easy way to describe the board is that…

Burton Nug

Burton Nug 2016 The Burton Nug is an interesting board, with its main feature is that you can ride it in a much smaller size than you normally ride.

Lobster Nose Job

The Lobster Nose job is a pretty unique idea for a board, with a specially made nose and tail, you are able to cut it to any shape you want, giving you the option of having a completely custom shaped board. Of course, you can just leave it in the standard shape, but where is the fun in that. So…