Salomon Sabotage Snowboard
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Salomon Sabotage

Salomon Sabotage

The Salomon Sabotage is a stable, capable park board that is designed to handle the biggest jumps and everything that the park offers.

It has Salomons Flat Out camber profile, which has camber sections on the inside of each foot, keeping maximum pop and stability in the board.

Rather than a radial sidecut, this board has and EQ5 sidecut which means the sidecut is made of 5 straight lines, which keep edge hold predictable.

There will be no problem doing big spins on this board, it has a twin shape so taking off or landing switch is just the same as riding regular.

The Freestyle Edge Bevel means that the board come with the tip and tail detuned, with a 2 degree bevel on the board, that changes to a 3 degree bevel between the feet. It is made so that you are less likely to catch when you are riding rails in the park, but still having good edge hold on the rest of the board.

Tech in this board:

  • Flat out camber profile
  • BA MD fiberglass
  • Freestyle Edge Bevel
  • Aspen Strong core
  • EQ5 sidecut
  • Fast sintered base
  • Royal Rubber pads


  • Fast sintered base
  • Strong pop

Available sizes:

  • 148cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm Wide
  • 159cm

The Sabotage is available in a 158cm wide, so if you have size 11 boots or bigger, this would be the better size so that you don’t get toe or heel drag.

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