salomon pulse snowboard 2017
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Salomon Pulse

Salomon Pulse

Salomon Pulse 2017

The Salomon Pulse is a soft flexing beginner board, that has a directional twin shape and a very affordable price.

Features of the Salomon Pulse

  • Directional Twin
    The board has a twin shape, but a slightly set back stance (1-1.5cm), and a directional flex pattern.
  • Flat Out Camber
    Flat between your feet, camber under your feet and then flat again out towards to tip and tail of the board. It’s made to give a stable ride, that will be responsive when you need it to be.
  • Radial Sidecut
    A standard sidecut, that is made from one big circle.
  • Soft Flex
    The soft flex of the board keeps it easy to move and adjust while you are riding slow, and to get a more forgiving ride in general.
  • BiaxGlass
    Low density fiberglass keeps the board light, with the same playful flex for the life of the board.
  • Extruded Base
    Just a standard base material, that doesn’t need much maintenance. It isn’t a fast base material, but it helps to keep the cost of the board down.
  • Aspen Core
    The core is made up of Aspen wood, with some strips of higher density birch wood at the inserts.
  • ABS
  • Bite Free Edge
    The tip and tail of the board come fully detuned, for a smoother and less catchy ride.

Sizes Available:

  • 142cm
  • 145cm
  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cmWide
  • 160cm
  • 162cm Wide
  • 163cm

If you are looking for your first board, the Pulse could definitely be a good choice. The price is very affordable, and although it is a pretty simple board (in terms of technology) it suits beginners for a couple of reasons:

  1. The Flat Out Camber profile is a good choice rather than a regular rocker profile. Although it will still be easy to ride, you are going to get a more stable feel, and it will hold up better at higher speeds. This camber profile is going to let you progress quickly, and you won’t grow out of it as fast as a board with a regular rocker profile
  2. At $300 it is a very affordable board, it doesn’t have anything fancy a beginner doesn’t need, while still giving enough so you can progress your riding.
Size 142 145 149 152 156 160 163 158w 162w
Waist Width (cm) 23.9 24.3 24.5 24.7 25.1 25.6 25.9 26 26.5
Min/Max Stance (cm) 41.4/60.6 46.4/57.6 47.4/58.6 48.4/59.6 50.4/61.6 51.4/62.6 52.4/63.6 51.9/63.1 52.9/64.1
Stance Set Back (cm) 1 1 1 1.5 1.5 1 1 1 1
Tail/Tip Width (cm) 28.3 28.8 29 29.2 29.6 30 30.3 30.6 30.9
Effective Edge (cm) 106.5 110 113 114.5 117.5 121 123 119.5 123.5

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