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Rome Mod 2018 Review

The Rome Mod is a traditional camber, super poppy and aggressive freestyle board that would suit someone who really knows what they are doing.

Features of the Rome Mod

  • Stay Positive Camber
    A traditional camber profile, that gives you the best pop, stability and edge hold. The best choice for a freestyle board, camber is solid on big jumps and fast riding.
    rome stay positive camber profile
  • TurboRods
    Carbon Reverse Radial V. The idea of this feature is that you get more pop than you would from the Single Barrel version, but it doesn’t add much extra torsional (twisting) response or stiffness.
  • Z-Tech 1.0
    Zylon is a material that is lighter, stronger and more poppy than carbon. It runs down the centerline of the board, to give it a bit more response.
  • AirPop Core Matrix
    There are 5 separate zones of ultralight woods, which are combined with air channels and poplar wood, to give the core good response with a light weight.
  • SuperlightBiax Laminate
    A lightweight pattern, that has an even flexing feel.
  • SinterCarbon Base
    Carbon additives are added to the sintered base material, which make it very fast and good at soaking up wax. The fastest base that Rome use.
  • True Twin
    A symmetrical design, so riding or landing switch is going to ride just the same as riding regular.

Sizes Available:

  • 153
  • 156
  • 159
  • 162

How the Rome Mod 2018 rides

Board: 156cm Stale Model (different graphics from the regular 156)

Bindings: Rome Katana

Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-Two

Angles: +12 -9

Stance: 22″

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 6′

The snow was quite hardpacked, very windblown at the top and a bit softer at the bottom of the hill.

Flex & Camber Profile

Rome say that the Mod is a 9 on their scale of pressable to powerful, which sounds pretty close to what I felt riding it. The flex felt fairly stiff, but probably not what I imagine a 9 would feel like. It has plain old regular camber profile, which means it is full camber right out to the contact points. The benefits of regular camber mean that the board has really good pop, is very stable and holds a really good edge.

Edge Hold

The edge hold was just like I would expect for a pretty stiff full camber board, it felt solid throughout the whole turn, and I had no problem slipping out at all even on very icy snow.


It is a true twin board, so riding it switch was just the same as riding it in the regular direction.


At high speed, the Mod felt super stable. I didn’t want to spend very long with the board on a flat base, but riding fast through chopped up snow, it had no problem smashing through everything like it was soft snow.


The pop took me a while to get used to. Even compared to other camber freestyle boards it has a much different feel than I was expecting. The first few times I would end up landing with all of my weight over the nose of the board. It didn’t take a huge amount of effort to load the tail up and get an ollie, but it seems that once you have flexed the tail, it pushes back really hard. It seems like it is the TurboRods giving that extra pop/push back. Once I got used to that, I could get big ollies from leaning back further than I was used to, and then I would land nicely on both feet.


Overall the Mod is an aggressive board. If you are someone who rides big jumps, and needs something really stable and reliable, it would be a good board. Even for regular carving, the regular camber does a really nice job. It is too aggressive for me to ride on rails, I would choose something a little softer, but if you watch someone like Stale ride it, it just shows you you can do anything with enough skill.


  • Regular camber can’t be beaten
  • Amazing pop
  • Very solid edge hold even on super hard windblown snow/ice


  • Unforgiving, you can’t be lazy riding it.

Rome Mod 2018 Specs

Size Effective Edge Running Length Waist Width Nose Length Tail Length Sidecut Depth Sidecut Radius Stance Range Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kg)
153 1190 1130 252 200 200 20 7.99 49.5-61.5 115-170 52-77
156 1220 1160 254 200 200 21 8.02 49.5-61.5 125-185 57-84
159 1250 1190 256 200 200 21.8 8.13 52-64 135-200 61-91
162 1280 1220 258 200 200 22.3 8.35 52-64 150-200+ 68-91+

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