Rome Hammerhead Snowboard
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Rome Hammerhead

Rome Hammerhead

The Rome Hammerhead is a board that is designed for snowboarders who like to skate, and want a board that makes it easy to ride in a skate style.

It has their FreePop rocker shape, which has rocker on the tip and tail, and a flat section from outside the binding inserts to the middle.

It has the old school chopped down Hosoi style nose and tail, which are definitely a unique shape for any snowboard that most people have seen. It has a soft flex, which make pressing and jibbing super easy.

It has a tough and easy to repair extruded base, which is essential for a jib board that is designed to take hits.

Tech in this board:

  • FreePop rocker
  • StaightBiax
  • SkateCore Profiling
  • QuickRip sidecut
  • ButterOut transition
  • Basalt Impact Plates
  • Impact Base


  • Unique design
  • Designed for skate style snowboarding


  • Limited sizes (only 147cm and 153cm)

Available sizes:

  • 147cm
  • 153cm


This is the snowboard for someone who does a lot of skating, and want their skate style to transfer over to snowboarding. Made for jibbing, easy ollies and presses this is a skateboard for people who just happen to be snowboarding.

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