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Ride Manic

Ride Manic

Ride Manic 2017

The Ride Manic is an all mountain board, that is good for riders looking to buy their first board.

Features of the Ride Manic

  • Directional Rocker
    This profile has a directional shape, which means that the nose of the board is longer than the tail. Most of the board is flat, with two rocker sections at the nose and tail of the board. The rocker sections (especially the large section on the nose) help to keep the board loose, easy to turn and give it some extra float if you are riding in deep snow.
    ride directional rocker
  • Slimewalls
    The slimewalls on the board are made from urethane, rather than the standard ABS. The urethane helps to absorb impacts and chatter from riding at high speed.
  • Foundation Core
    The Foundation core is a basic core, that is made up of Aspen wood, that is made to keep a consistent pop and flex.
  • Biaxial Glass
    Two directions of glass, that give the board a soft and forgiving flex rating.
  • Linear Carbon
    There are some carbon stringers that run along the length of the board, which help to add some extra pop to the board.
  • Fusion 1500 Base
    A standard extruded base material, that keeps the price of the board down, and has the benefit of being easy to repair if you do end up damaging it.
  • 2×4 Inserts
    Standard mounting pattern, that will let you mount any bindings to it. (Except for Burton EST, if you are buying Burton bindings just get the Re:Flex versions and you will be fine)

Sizes Available:

  • 152
  • 154cm Wide
  • 155
  • 157cm Wide
  • 158
  • 160cm Wide
  • 161
  • 164cm Wide

If you are looking for your first board, or want to own your own board instead of renting this could be a good option. The Manic sits right in the middle of the entry level price for beginner all mountain snowboards, which is around $360-$400.

Most of these boards are going to have almost exactly the same features. No matter what you are looking at, you are probably going to be getting a board that has a fairly simple core (most likely just one type of wood), an extruded base, and two directions of fiberglass (biax).

That combination keeps the price down, gives the board a forgiving and usually soft flex.

The Manic has a couple of extra features that make it a bit more unique in this price range, the Slimewalls and the Carbon Stringers. Most companies use ABS material for the sidewalls, where Ride use a different material. Their sidewalls are made of urethane, which is the same material used in skateboard wheels. It is quite a forgiving material, that is good at absorbing impacts from riding, and doesn’t want to crack.

The core also has Linear Carbon, which helps to give the board a bit more pop or snap.

The board has a Directional Rocker profile, which means that overall the board is flat, with rocker sections on the nose and tail of the board. The nose has a much bigger rocker section than the tail, which is going to help if you are riding in deep snow.

If you are looking for a board that you are going to ride everywhere, this is going to be a good choice. It would also suited for someone who does want to ride in the park, as the flat and rocker profile is going to be nice and forgiving when you are learning tricks.

Seeing that this is a board that it is going to suit a lot of riders, it comes in quite a few lengths, and in wide versions for the riders with size 11 or bigger boots.

Some other similar (in price and features) boards would be the:

Size (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist Width (mm) Sidecut Entry Radius (m) Sidecut Focus Radius (m) Sidecut Exit Radius (m) Tip & Tail Width Insert Location Back (in) Ref Stance (mm) Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg)
152 1118 246 8.1 7.1 8.1 292 -0.75 533 100-150 45-68
155 1178 248 8.7 7.7 8.7 294 -0.75 559 115-165 52-75
158 1203 250 8.8 7.8 8.8 296 -0.75 559 130-180 59-82
161 1241 252 9.0 8.0 9.0 299 -0.75 559 140-190 64-86
154w 1203 261 8.5 7.5 8.5 306 -0.75 559 130-180 59-82
157w 1228 262 8.6 7.6 8.6 309 -0.75 559 150-220+ 68-91+
160w 1241 263 8.8 7.8 8.8 312 -0.75 559 160-220+ 73-95+
164w 1279 265 9.0 8.0 9.0 315 -0.75 559 170-220+ 77-100+

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