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Ride Kink

Ride Kink 2017

The Ride Kink is a soft flexing jib board, that now has a twin hybrid camber profile, for a bit more stability. Made for jibbing, it has a really soft flex (2/10) and the thicker Cleave Edge edges.

Features of the Ride Kink 2017

  • Twin Hybrid Camber
    A twin shape means that the board is symmetrical, so it will ride just the same in the regular and switch directions. Overall the profile of the board is camber, with just a small rocker section on the tip and tail of the board.
    ride twin hybrid camber
  • Roll In Slimewalls
    The Roll In version of the slimewalls has a 3d fiberglass built around the regular urethane slimewalls. It is designed to make the board stronger, keep the weight down as well as stop the topsheet chipping.
  • Foundation Core
    A simple core, that is made of Aspen wood.
  • Cleave Edge Steel
    Basically these are thicker edges, the thicker they are, the less likely they are to crack from hard riding. Good for park and job boards like this, which are going to be ridden on rails.
  • Biaxial Glass
    Two directions of glass, 0 and 90 degrees. They keep the board soft, fun and forgiving.
  • Fusion 1500 Base
    A simple extruded base material, which keeps the cost of the board down, and is easy to repair if you do damage it.
  • 2×4 Inserts
  • Flat Kick Tip

Sizes available:

  • 143
  • 147
  • 150cm Wide
  • 151
  • 154cm Wide
  • 155
  • 158cm Wide

Ride Kink 2017 Technical Specs

Size Effective Edge (mm) Waist Width (mm) Sidecut Entry Sidecut Focus Sidecut Exit Tip/Tail Width Rider Weight (lbs)
143 1132 247 8.5 7.5 8.5 288 105-155
157 1170 249 8.6 7.6 8.6 292 115-165
151 1208 251 8.7 7.7 8.7 296 125-175
155 1246 253 8.8 7.8 8.8 301 130-180
150W 1183 258 8.7 7.7 8.7 302 130-180
154W 1233 260 8.8 7.8 8.8 305 140-190
158W 1271 262 8.9 7.9 8.9 309 150-220+


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