ride crook snowboard 2016
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Ride Crook

Ride Crook

Ride Crook 2016

The Ride Crook is a soft flexing, twin shaped park and jib board.

The Ride Crook has the LowRize Rocker profile, that has a large flat section under your feet, and a low rocker section on the tip and the tail. The rocker isn’t aggressive either, the contact are raised just out of the snow.

It has Slimewalls, which are quite different from the ABS sidewalls that most companies use. They are made from urethane, which is the same as skate wheels, so they are softer and more forgiving. Especially handy on a jib board, they can flex more than ABS, so can take harder hits on rails and still spring back.

For riding on normal snow, they help to absorb vibrations and keep the ride damper, and have less chatter.

The Foundation core and the biaxial glass combine to give the board a soft flex, that Ride rate as a 3/10.

How it Rides

The Crook is a very easy board to ride, loose and easy to turn. It has a similar ride to my old Ride Crush. The flat/rocker profile gives it a stable feel when you are riding fast with your weight centered, but leaning slightly back or forwards makes it very easy to butter off the soft nose and tail.

The good thing about the rocker sections is you can be pretty messy, not getting spins all the way around and the board will forgive you, it won’t grab an edge like a camber board.

It has ok pop, about as much as you would expect for a soft jib board. The edge hold is surprisingly good for a board with this profile, it will hold on hard snow if you keep yourself centered.

Riding flat based is very easy, you can even pivot back and forth without it catching.

The Crook would be a good board for someone who is starting out and wants a soft and forgiving freestyle board, or just as good for an experienced jibber who wants something soft, light and cheap.

Features of the Ride Crook

  • LowRize Rocker
    It is an almost flat board, with rocker sections on the tip and the tail.
  • Slimewalls
    Urethane sidewalls help absorb vibrations when riding on rough terrain, and absorb impacts from landing on rails.
  • Foundation Tuned Core
  • Biaxial Glass
    Two layers of fiberglass.
  • Fusion 1500 Base
    An extruded base is tough and doesn’t need much work to maintain. Also keeps the overall price of the board down.
  • 2×4 Inserts
    Plenty of options for stance widths.
  • Die Cut Base Swap
    Different models will have opposite/alternating colors so that base material isn’t wasted.

Sizes Available:

  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm Wide
  • 155cm
  • 158cm
Size (cm) 154W 155 158
Effective Edge (mm) 1203 1190 1216
Tip Width (mm) 305 294 297
Waist Width (mm) 260 247 249
Tail Width (mm) 305 294 297
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.2 7.25 7.35
Rider Weight (lbs) 125-175 115-165 125-175

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