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Ride Buck Up

Ride Buck Up

Seb Toot’s pro model Ride Buck Up snowboard is made to kill it in the park. It has a Hybrid Twin profile, which means it has a large stable camber zone, with smaller rocker sections on the nose and tail. It gives a mix of the reliability, pop and edge hold that you need from a camber board, as well as keeping a little of the forgiveness of rocker.

It has a flex (feel) rating of 5/10, so a mid flex that can be pressed, but is still solid when landing big jumps.

To stop vibrations it has Popwalls which are a combination of Slimewalls, with carbon to add pop as well as reducing vibrations on hard packed snow and giving a nice damp ride.

I have ridden this board for just under 50 days now, so I think that I have a good idea of how it rides and performs in most conditions.

How it rides

The Hybrid Twin shape is nice, sort of like a low camberish profile. The board has good edge hold, I think it acts pretty close to a regular camber board. I had no problems going fast on ice, the edges could still grab in when I needed them to.

The mid range flex is good, definitely strong enough to handle big jumps, but still has enough flex that you can press it out on rails. Though it does need a conscious effort, it does want to stay flat and solid compared to a soft park noodle board. It handles speed well, if you keep your weight centered over the board it will be very stable. Comparing my first day on the board to how it is now, I would say that the board is broken in now, but there hasn’t been a major change in the flex, only slightly softer – northing major at all though.

I am not sure if it the tiny rocker section at the tip and tail, but if you are trying to spin off something and you don’t make it the whole way around, it isn’t too hard to force the last spin around, the profile is not so unforgiving that you have to be perfect all the time.


It has a fast base, which seemed to hold wax quite well, and keeping speed on cat tracks as well as hot and slushy days wasn’t a problem. I don’t know what the standard edge bevel on the board is, but I took it from new straight to the park, and I didn’t have any problems with it grabbing on rails. I did give it a light detune in between the feet though, just to be safe.


I can’t complain about this boards toughness at all, the base held up extremely well considering that I had a few pretty major impacts with hidden rocks, while I was expecting to find core shots to repair, they ended up being on the smallest dints.

I think that it is due in part to the SlimeWalls, but after a lot of park riding on rails and boxes, the edges have no cracks or weaknesses. The tip and tail holds up well seeing that I love to do tailblocks which put a decent amount of pressure on the thinnest part of the board.


I would recommend this board for someone that wants a board that is going to do really well in the park. A board that is stiff enough to handle jumps, but can still be pressed out. It does a good job at all mountain riding, the profile is reliable and strong, without being so aggressive that it will throw you off if you forget to pay attention for a second.

The board isn’t particularly cheap though, but it seems that you are paying for quality and a board that will last.

The Ride Buck Up comes in these sizes:

  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 155cm
  • 158cm
  • 160cm

seb toots pro model

Technology in the Ride Buck Up:

  • Popwalls™ Sidewalls
  • Membrain® Top Sheet
  • Hybrid Twin Shape – video below explains it very well
  • Carbon Array 5™ Laminates
  • Cleave Edge™ Steel – tough thicker edges that can take a beating from jibbing
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Fusion 4000™ Base – hard, fast and has good wax retention
  • Performance Tuned™ Core
  • 2×4 Inserts – lots of stance options

ride hybrid twin


Seb Toots riding his pro model Buck Up. Gives you a good idea of how well it can handle jumps and jibbing. He also has his pro model Revolt bindings.

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