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Never Summer Infinity

Never Summer Infinity

Never Summer Infinity 2017

The Never Summer Infinity is a mid flexing, all mountain, ride anywhere snowboard.

never summer original rocker camber


Features of the Never Summer Infinity 2017

  • Carbon VXR Laminate Technology
    There are carbon V shapes that extend out from the inserts, to the effective edge. It is made to get good edge to edge response, and helping to make the board stiffer torsionally. There are extra V’s at the tip and tail of the board, to get the most pop when you load up the nose or tail.
  • Matte Topsheet
    Nothing fancy, it is just matte rather than shiny.
  • New Blunted Shape
  • Original Rocker Camber Profile
    Their original hybrid camber design, which has 3 main pressure areas on the board. There is a rocker section between your feet, which changes to camber underneat your feet, then back out to rocker on the tip and tail of the board. You end up with a playful ride, but it still gives you a stable and solid ride when you need it.
    never summer original rocker camber
  • Vario Power Grip Sidecut
    There are a few different radiuses, which are combined to give the board extra contact points, so you get better edge hold. Out towards the nose and tail, there are deep radius sections, which change to shallow radius sections, then to a straight section in the middle of the board.
    never summer vario power grip sidecut
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass
    This has some of the strength features of the STS fiberglass, but is much lighter.
  • NS Custom Flightcore
  • RDS 2 Damping System
    There are three narrower laminated damping layers, that are made to get a combination of vibration, absorbtion and stability. It is made to get a nice mix of stability for freeriding, and liveliness for freestyle riding.
  • Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
    Under the bindings are areas that are made to absorb vibration, keep the board stable at speed and help reduce foot fatigue (by getting rid of vibrations).
  • Sintered P-tex Sidewall
    P-Tex sidewalls have the advantage of being able to handle colder temperatures compared to ABS sidewalls, that can crack.
  • Durasurf XT Sintered 4501 Base
    It is a high density base material that is fast and durable.
  • P-tex Tip and Tail Protection
    P-Tex surround the ends of the wood core to protect it against impacts, and help to reduce vibrations.

Sizes available:

  • 142cm
  • 145cm
  • 147cm
  • 149cm
  • 151cm
  • 154cm
Size (cm) Waist (cm) Edge (cm) Sidecut (cm radius ave) Tip / Tail (cm)
142 23.2 112 Vario 660 27.3
145 23.4 112 Vario 664 27.5
147 23.4 115 Vario 680 27.6
149 23.6 116 Vario 702 27.8
151 23.8 118 Vario 709 28.2
154 23.9 121 Vario 742 28.4

never summer infinifty snowboard 2016

never summer infinity snowboard 2015

never summer infinity snowboard 2014


never summer infinity snowboard 2013

never summer infinity snowboard 2012

never summer infinity snowboard 2011


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I love the quick turning ability this board has, I’m able to fly down the mountain and avoid Sunday skiers on a crowded slope. It’s a good over all mountain board that’s playful yet still stable at high speeds. Maybe not the greatest for the ice coast, but I’ve been riding it in Vermont with no problems.

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