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K2 Cool Bean

K2 Cool Bean

The K2 Cool Bean is a short, wide, surfy and fun pow board. It is new for 2016 and only comes in one size, 144cm. The short length is balanced out with the wide width of the board, which has a pretty large waist width of 28.7 cm.

What it means is that you still end up with a big surface area, so floating on pow is easy, but it also comes with a few big advantages.

The shorter length means that there is no problem for people with big feet who need a wide board, but it also means that with the set back stance on the short length, turns are super easy and have a much more surfy feel.


Features of the K2 Cool Bean

  • Wide width
  • All Terrain Baseline
  • Tweekend
  • Bambooyah Construction
  • Hybritech Core

Sizes available:

  • 144cm

Cool Bean Technical Specs

Size Set Back Waist Width Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kgs) Sidecut Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Wdith Stance Width
144 1 1/4″ 28.7 130-210 59-95 7.4 101.52 33 31 21
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