capita warpspeed snowboard 2017
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Capita Warpspeed

Capita Warpspeed

Capita Warpspeed 2017

The Capita Warpspeed is a new one in the 2017 season, made for big riders with big feet. It has a wide width, stiffer flex, and comes in long lengths.

Features of the Capita Warpspeed 2017

  • Wide Width
    The wider waist width varies from 26.2cm to 26.8cm, which can handle riders with big boots, so they don’t get toe or heel drag like they would on a regular width board.
  • Mountain V2 Camber Profile
    Overall the Mountain V2 has a large amount of camber, which is going to give you a solid ride on hardpacked snow, with good pop and edge hold. There is a reverse camber section on the nose of the board, for extra float in deep snow. On the tail there is a smaller flat section (zero camber) with a little reverse camber section at the end.
    capita mountain v2 camber profile
  • 7.5/10 Flex Rating
    A fairly stiff rating, that is going to suit bigger riders who like to ride fast and aggressively, and don’t want a soft noodle of a board.
  • Forged Carbon Tips
    Shown in black in the image below
    capita warpspeed features
  • Pre-Cured Carbon V-Tech
    Showin in black in the picture above.
  • 8 x Bamboo Power Rods
    Show in white in the picture above.
  • Panda Core
    Based on the P2 Superlight Core, the Panda core has added Bamboo Power Rods, which keep it strong but still light.
  • Dynaweave Fiberglass
    Dynaweave is a mixture of Triax (3 layer fibgerglass) used on top and Biaxial (two layer) used on the bottom, which is made to get response, strength while still being tough.
  • Omega Mark II High Speed Base
    This is a sintered base, which means that it is a hard polyethelene material, which is good at soaking up wax, and keeping you moving fast. This year it has changed a little to be a denser material, as well as have better transparency.
  • Multitech Level 5 DeepSpace Unholy Glow Silkscreen
  • PAM16000 Topsheet
  • Multitech Sublimation
  • Die Cut Base
    A die cut base is made up of different sections of base material, that fit together like a puzzle, and make sharp and clear base graphics.
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
    Basically this means that the fiberglass texture or pattern doesn’t show through on the topsheet, which lets them keep it smooth and shiny.
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
    This just means that the edges run the whole way around the board.
  • ABS Sidewalls with Silkscreened Graphics
    Nothing fancy about this, it just means that there is printing/graphics on the sidewalls of the board.
  • 4 x 2 Inserts
  • Titanal Base Inlay

Sizes Available

  • 157cm
  • 161cm
  • 165cm
  • 169cm
Size (cm) Waist (cm) Edge (cm) Sidecut Tip / Tail (cm) Max Stance (cm)
157 26.20 118.50 8.30 / 7.78 30.60 63.50
161 26.40 121.70 8.46 / 7.93 30.80 67.50
165 26.60 124.90 8.70 / 8.15 31.00 69.00
169 26.80 128.10 8.93 / 8.37 31.20 69.00

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