burton talent scout snowboard 2017
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Burton Talent Scout

Burton Talent Scout

Burton Talent Scout 2017

The Burton Talent Scout is a twin shaped, camber park board with a medium flex rating.

Features of the Burton Talent Scout

  • PurePop Camber
    burton purepop camber bend
    The PurePop Camber profile has a regular camber section in the middle of the board, which gives you the good parts of camber – like stability at high speed, good edge hold and lots of pop. The small flat sections help to give it a little more forgiveness so it isn’t as catchy as a full regular camber board.
  • Twin Shape
    It won’t matter if you are riding the Talent Scout regular or switch, it will ride exactly the same both ways.
  • Twin Flex
    Same as the shape, the flex is symmetrical, which just means that it flexes the exact same in the regular and switch directions.
  • Super Fly II Core
    burton super fly II 700g core
    The Super Fly II Core is made up of a combination of light and strong woods, to get a good balance between strength and pop, without being too heavy.
  • Dualzone EGD
    The grain of the core along the toe and heel edge is perpendicular to the rest of the core, to give a little more strength (and they say add edge hold).
  • Off-Axis Squeezebox
  • Triax Fiberglass
  • Sintered Base
    The sintered base material is hard and fast, and does a good job at keeping soaking up wax.
  • The Channel
    They work best with Burton EST bindings, but you can pretty much put any brand of bindings on a Channel board without a problem now. You get much more options for stance width, and angles with a Channel board.
  • Off-Axis Frostbite Edges
  • Pro-Tip
    Fancy name for tapered tip and tails, which keep the weight down and make it a bit easier to spin around.
  • Infinite Ride
    The boards are built stronger than they need to be, and then put in a machine that “breaks in” the board. It is made so that you end up with a board that is already broken in from new, so that it will have the same flex, pop and feel from new that it does at the end of the season.

Sizes Available:

  • 138cm
  • 141cm
  • 146cm
  • 149cm

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