burton custom x flying v snowboard 2017
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Burton Custom X Flying V

Burton Custom X Flying V

Burton Custom X Flying V 2017

The Burton Custom X Flying V is a new board this season, which to me seems like an odd one. The regular Custom X is well known as Burton’s most aggressive camber board. It is the sort of aggressive board that you will see people riding in icy superpipes, and over monster jumps. The stiff flex and the regular camber means that it has tons of pop, and is as stable as you can get from a snowboard.

The choice to make a Flying V version of the Custom X seems strange, as Flying V is a step down from camber, you lose a lot of pop and stability, with the tradeoff being that it is easier to ride, and will float a little better in powder.

I can only guess that this is going to be the board for people who want to ride a Custom X, but without having to have the skill to ride the real camber version.

Features of the Burton Custom X Flying V:

  • Flying V
    The Flying V profile is made to get the best of both regular camber, and rocker styles, with the least of their weaknesses. While a camber board might be too aggressive and a rocker board too loose, Flying V is made to get a nice mix between the two. There is a rocker section in the middle of the board, between your feet, which does a couple of things. It helps to give the board a little more looseness, helps to make easier turns, and gives you a bit more float in deep snow.
  • Directional Shape
    There board has a directional shape, so it will ride slightly nicer in the regular direction, but there still won’t be any problems if you want to ride it switch.
  • Twin Flex
    Although it has a directional shape, the flex on the board is the exact same no matter which way you ride it. So that means that pressing or ollieing will feel the same in both regular and switch directions.
  • Dragonfly 600g Core
    They used end grain woods in the impact zones of the board, so that they can swap out heavier woods for lighter woods without losing strength in the core.
    burton dragonfly core 600g
  • Multizone EGD
    There are four separate areas, where the wood grain is perpendicular to the core near the channel (the red and green parts on the picture above) to get the most strength and edge control.
  • Squeezebox High
    There is a carbon fleece added to the Squeezebox profile, which is layered outside of your feet, to get the most response from the tip and tail.
  • 45 Degree Carbon Highlights
    The 45 degree fiber give the board a more aggressive ride.
  • Sintered WFO Base
    It’s a hard a fast base material, that is infused with wax to keep it moving fast in all conditions.
  • The Channel
    They work best with Burton EST bindings, but you can pretty much put any brand of bindings on a Channel board without a problem now. You get much more options for stance width, and angles with a Channel board.
  • Frostbite Edges
    The edges extend out a little bit under your bindings, which help to give you extra edge hold on icy days.
  • Pro-Tip
    Fancy name for tapered tip and tails, which keep the weight down and make it a bit easier to spin around.
  • Infinite Ride
    The boards are built stronger than they need to be, and then put in a machine that “breaks in” the board. It is made so that you end up with a board that is already broken in from new, so that it will have the same flex, pop and feel from new that it does at the end of the season.

Sizes Available:

  • 152cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm
  • 159cm Wide
  • 160cm
  • 162cm


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