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Catch free freestyle fun riding with the Bataleon Riot. It has their Twin TBT (Triple Base Technology) which is a 3d base, with the board separated into left, middle and right bases. It keeps the board playful and keeps the contact points out of the way until you put the board on its edges, then they are used just like normal.

It will probably take a while to get used to a TBT board, but once you get over the feeling of looseness when the board is flat, and the strong edge hold when you put the edge in, you will like it.

This is a board that is made to handle the park, all mountain and any freestyle riding you want to do. It has a twin shape, so you will be fine taking off and landing switch.

It has a fairly stiff flex, which is rated at (7/10) on Bataleon’s scale. This is pretty agressive so it is going to handle big landings, and fast riding with no problem. The solid pop is there because of the Tri Ax laminates which are over and under the core, and the Basalt stringers which all help add to the responsiveness and pop of the Riot.

It has a fast sintered base with infused factory wax, so you are going to have no problem keeping your speed up.

It also has their Party Pattern stance inserts, so you have a large amount of stance options and widths you can choose from.

Tech in this board:

  • Twin TBT
  • Tri Ax laminates
  • Basalt stringers
  • Thin Lightning Edges
  • Reactor Poplar core
  • Sintered base


  • Big pop
  • Fast board
  • 2 year warranty

Available sizes:

  • 151cm
  • 154cm
  • 157cm
  • 159cm


This is the board for someone looking for a high end freestyle board. This is going to handle the big jumps, riding fast, and any terrain you want to ride it on.

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