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Bataleon Global Warmer

Bataleon Global Warmer

Bataleon Global Warmer Review

The Bataleon Global Warmer is the big brother to the Bataleon Airobic. Like the Airobic, the Global Warmer is a park board. Like all Bataleon boards, it has the Triple Base Technology (3BT), which combines a camber profile of the board, with lifted edges at the contact points.

An easy way to describe the board is that it has the advantages of camber, with pop, stability and edge hold, but because of the lifted edges can still be loose and buttery and forgiving if you don’t make your rotations all the way around.

Although the Global Warmer has a flex rating of 3, it has the upgraded Core Core, which is a full poplar wood core, which also has hardwood reinforcements along the binding inserts for more pop.

Adding to the pop and stability is the Carbon Stringers, which run horizontally under the bindings, but don’t toughen up the flex.

The base is Sintered, so it is hard, fast and does a really good job of absorbing wax.

Bataleon’s Terrain Rating

  • Jibbing 8/10
  • Park 10/10
  • Freestyle 10/10
  • All Mountain 8/10
  • Powder 7/10

Available in:

  • 148cm
  • 151cm
  • 154cm
  • 156w cm
  • 157cm


148 151 154 156W 157
contact length (cm) 113 116 118 120 120
tip/tail width (mm) 289 291 293 307 297
waist width (mm) 250 250 252 264 255
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.45 7.60 7.70 7.80 7.85
inserts 24 24 24 24 24
stance width (cm) 505-625 510-630 525-645 540-660 540-660


Tech in the Global Warmer:

  • Park TBT – PARK TBT is great for park riding and jibbing with flat center base widths and lengths in between JIB and TWIN TBTs. PARK TBT comes with a very mellow flat camber profile for legit presses. PARK TBT is symmetrical on the nose and tail for the same ride switch as forwards.
  • Party Pattern – The 4×2/24 pack is the ultimate in flexibility. maximum precision, maximum width options, maximum Party!
  • Sintered base – Fast! Great wax absorption and as hard as nails. these bases come with factory wax already infused. top up regularly to get the most out of it.
  • Core Core – Poplar core with hardwood reinforcements along the insert rows. this increases the board’s core strength and channels stored energy to deliver more pop.
  • Bi-Ax Laminates – Bi-ax laminates over and under the wood core include fibreglass layers aligned in two directions at 45 degrees to the edges. This creates an easy and forgiving flex, which allows you to really feel the terrain.
  • Carbon Enhanced – Everyone knows carbon is the hot right now. Super strong, super light and super dope. Carbon stringers under the wood cores in our boards save weight and work to add strength, reinforce targeted sections and focus pop depending on their alignment to the fibreglass.

The [title] is going to be the board for someone who wants a one board that they can ride on jumps, rails and all over without having to change boards. If you want a board that is going to be similar but don’t want to spend as much, have a look at the Airobic.

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