arbor clovis snowboard 2017
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Arbor Clovis

Arbor Clovis

Arbor Clovis 2017

The Arbor Clovis is is a new powder board, that has the System Camber profile, medium flex and a fast sintered base.

Features of the Arbor Clovis 2017

  • System Camber
    The System Camber is made up of 3 Arbor features, the Parabolic Camber, Grip Tech and Uprise Fenders.
  • Parabolic Camber
    The profile is based on a parabolic arc, which means that the amount of camber is reduced the closer you get to the tip and tail of the board. What that really means is that although it is a traditional camber profile, the contact points aren’t being forced in to the snow super hard. The idea is that you still get the benefits of a camber board, which are extra pop, stability and good edge hold, with less of the catchy feeling.
  • Grip Tech
    The Arbor Grip Tech sidecut is made up of three different radius circles, which aren’t blended together like they are on some of other boards. What it means is that the points where the circles cross (darker areas in the image below) make extra contact points, and give you extra grip on hard packed snow and ice.
    arbor grip tech
  • Uprise Fenders
    The Uprise fenders mean that the contact points are lifted 3 degrees off the snow, to help stop them digging in and giving a smoother ride.
  • Non-Symmetrical Mountain Twin
  • Medium Flex
  • American Black Walnut Power Ply
  • Arrowhead Tip
    This tip is made to get the best float in deep snow.
  • 2×4 14-Pack Inserts
  • Double Barrel I Core
  • Mixed Glassing
  • 360 Rails
    The sidewall runs the whole way around the board, which means that you don’t need tip fill, and helps keep the board strong and durable.
  • Sintered Base
    The sintered base material is hard and fast, and keeps the board moving quickly.
  • 3 Year Warranty

Sizes Available:

  • 157cm
  • 159cm
  • 161cm

Length 157 159 161
Effective Edge 103.1 104.9 106.7
Tip Length 31.45 31.55 31.65
Tail Length 30.45 30.55 30.65
Tip Width 28 28.17 28.34
Waist Width 25.15 25.25 25.35
Tail Width 28 28.17 28.34
Taper 0 0 0
Camber (+) 0.44 (+) 0.46 (+) 0.47
Ref. Point Width 54 54 54
Ref. Stance Setback 0 0 0
Tip Transition Sidecut 8.75 8.85 8.95
Sidecut – (m) 7.85 7.95 8.05
Tail Transition Sidecut 8.75 8.85 8.95
Rider Weight – (lb) 124-204 128-208 132-212+
Rider Weight – (kg) 56-93 58-94 60-96+


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