The K2 WWW (or World Wide Weapon) is a soft flexing jib board, made to a fun park board.

K2 WWW Enjoyer

K2 WWW Enjoyer 2016 The K2 WWW Enjoyer is just like the normal WWW, but you have the ability to cut your own tips and tails.

K2 Cool Bean

The K2 Cool Bean is a short, wide, surfy and fun pow board. It is new for 2016 and only comes in one size, 144cm. The short length is balanced out with the wide width of the board, which has a pretty large waist width of 28.7 cm. What it means is that you still end up with a big surface…

K2 Joy Driver

K2 Joy Driver 2015/2016 The K2 Joy Driver is a pretty serious board, made to handle all sorts of terrain and conditions. It has the All Terrain Baseline profile, a Bambooyah core, and a tapered directional shape. It has a fast and hard sintered base. Features in the K2 Joy Driver: All Terrain Baseline Hybritech construction Tapered directional shape Bambooyah…