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Burton Driver X

Burton Driver X

The Burton Driver X is a popular boot, known for being a tough boot with a stiff flex.

Features of the Burton Driver X

  • Speed Zone Lacing
    Speed Zone laces are fast to do up, with each of the two laced tightening either the upper or lower part of the boot.
  • New England Ropes
    The laces are made by New England Ropes, which are tough enough that they have a lifetime warranty.
  • 1:1 PowerUP Plus Tongue
    The most responsive of the tongues that Burton make, this is made from two (dual density) materials, and reinforced with thermoplastic.
  • Total Comfort Construction
    The idea of this is that the boots come new with a “broken in” feel, rather than being super stiff when they are new, and then sloppy when they get older.
  • Snow-Proof Internal Gusset
    There is a gusset that is made to seal the lower section of the boot, so that snow won’t get in through the gap next to the tongue and the liner.
  • Aegis Antimicrobial Coating
    Helps keep the smell away.
  • Imprint 3x Liner
  • Heat Cycle Lining
    The inner of the liner has thermally activated carbon thread, which helps to capture heat, reflect it back to your feet so you stay warm. It also helps wick moisture away from your feet to stop you getting cold.
  • Tuff Cuff
    Basically gives you a stronger heel hold by wrapping your ankle, but still lets you flex from heel to toe. Only on the high end Burton boots.
  • Rubber Ice Spikes
    Just some little spikes that help give a bit of extra grip on ice.
  • Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil
    The foil sits under your feet, which reflects heat back into your feet.
  • Ess Support Shank
    Fancy name for arch support.
  • Level 2 Molded EVA Footbed
    A lightweight footbed, that is good at absorbing shock.
  • Vibram EcoStep Rubber Outsole Design
  • Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology
    It doesn’t make any difference in the size you buy, so if you are a size 10, you still get a size 10 boot, but it has the footprint of a size 9. The smaller the footprint the better, you’ll end up with less toe and heel drag.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Sizes Available:

  • 7
  • 7.5
  • 8
  • 8.5
  • 9
  • 9.5
  • 10
  • 10.5
  • 11
  • 11.5
  • 12
  • 13




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These seem to be stiff like they used to be. For a while the Driver X boot became softer for some reason but these 2015 ones seem to be stiff again. The only other boot I’ve worn over the years is the Malamute but they are a pain to keep laced tight and constantly need adjusting.

The Driver X stays tight.

I like to ride fast and hard and these are really nice and supportive. You can really commit to stuff and not worry about your ankles folding up when you’re say landing an air on your toe side at speed in steep consequential terrain. I don’t always make love in my snowboard boots but when I do, I choose the Driver X if they’re close by.




Easily the stiffest boot on the market, by a pretty wide margin. They make the Travis Rice boot and Burton’s own Ion look like socks in comparison; this is your last stop before you pick up hardboots. If you were disappointed with the softness of last year’s boot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’ve ridden the same Driver X’s for 7 years (since ’07), and aside from modern liners and fabrics, it’s essentially the same boot I bought back then.

On the other hand, these boots could use a crampon-compatible option. I would also recommend not running the boot without the plastic inserts. The downside to the boots stiffness is the lack of articulation at the ankle. Without the insert, the boot bends rather awkwardly, and the narrow laces bite into the tongue creating a crease, which will wear out the tongue fabric much quicker. The tongue essentially lets the boot’s character come out a bit better.


Bought these because my 2013 Ions packed out in 20 days. For resort riding I like a softer boot but need something stiff for splitboarding. For the ascent these things are excellent – stiff means lots of power transfer to the skis for gaining ground quickly. For the way down I can quickly loosen the top zone for a slightly softer boot to freeride in.


Stiff. Powerful. Comfy. What else do you want in a powerful freeriding boot?
If you’re looking for fancy colors and bling go elsewhere but if you want the stiffest, most aggressive bot you can buy, grab some Driver X’s!


These boots are stiff, but great for expert/aggressive rider on steeps and moguls. They took 5+ days of hard riding to break-in and be comfortable. I used them half days in the beginning, because they hurt a bit. Now, they are incredibly responsive and comfortable. Make sure to give them time. I’ve been riding an older model of Driver X for 4 years, and these are even better!

When I first tried the old Driver X (2009/2010), I had to ask the lady if she brought the correct size because they felt way too comfortable, and I thought maybe she brought a bigger size. Even though they were super comfy, they were still stiff where and when I needed them to be. My old boots are already falling apart but they are still comfy and stiff (walking on parking lots has worn out the heel). I decided to go with the same boot for next season, and I got these on sale here evocom to have them ready for next season (maybe for some summer riding in south Chile/Argentina). Have only tried the new ones around home. They feel a lot stiffer because they are new. Still feel comfy and tight around the ankle and heel, but they do feel a tiny bit tighter (shorter) around the toes.


Bought these in November to start off another great season in Colorado! You won’t be dissapointed. Burton has done an amazign job in constructing thses boot along with the Vibram outsole. These are by far the best boots o have ever owned. They beat my 2010 DC Tourch BOA boots for comfort and quality, which is saying somthing. If you are a serious rider and want some really good ankle support pick up a pair!


Backcountry dream boot due to the stiffness. Certainly not has plushy as the Ion, but not uncomfortable. I think Burton has the best, easiest lacing system, hands down. For big mountain freeriding, there just isn’t a better boot that I’ve found.

I’ve had a pair of Burton Drivers almost since starting about 10 years ago. I had transitioned from skiing and wanted a fairly stiff boot from the beginning. After 10 years, the boot was starting to get soft and I tried some other models but didn’t like them. I really wanted to get a new pair of Drivers but pricing was an issue. I couldn’t pass up Evo’s sale price so I ordered a pair and have not been disappointed at all. Support, comfort, easy lacing, etc all great!


After riding with the Driver X for 8 years I decided to switch to the Burton Ion boots earlier this year. The Ion are really good boots for the fit, style, and comfort. But after 2 weeks I had to switch back to the 2013 Driver X, if you are an all mountain rider that goes fast and go after everything on the mountain you will need the stiffest boots. And you will get the performance and control in the Driver X!


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