union t rice bindings 2017 metallic black
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Union T Rice

Union T Rice

Union T.Rice Bindings 2017

The Union T.Rice Bindings are high end, light and responsive bindings.

Features of the Union T.Rice 2017 Bindings:

  • TR Hybrid Highback
    A light Highback that is made of Forged Carbon and DuraFlex Nylon, it is made to get a mix between comfort and performance.
  • Exoframe Straps
    The idea of the Exoframe straps is something that must work, because you see similar designs in a few different binding brands. They are made so that rather than one single strap having to cushion and support your boot, they are separated (a little anyway), to keep it comfortable and flexible, while still being strong.
  • Stave IV Baseplate
  • Ultragrip X
    Anti Slip toe straps, that are light, comfortable and grippy.
  • Duraflex CB Base
    Has a lifetime warranty.
  • Canted Gas Pedals
    The Canted Gas Pedals give you a more natural alignment for your feet and knees, which helps people that ride with wider stances, and gives you a bit more leverage for ollies.
  • CNC Machined Heelcup
  • Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA Bushings
    This is the highest end version of their EVA, which means that the four corners of the baseplate don’t have pressure points, so that you can get the most natural flex from your board, being less restricted by the dead spots of the bindings.
  • Magnesium 2.0 Buckles
    The magnesium buckles are lighter than aluminum, and for bindings with the 2.0, it just means that they are 10% lighter than the older magnesium buckles.

2017 Colors

union t rice bindings 2017 metallic black

Metallic Black

union t rice bindings 2017

Metallic Red

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