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Union DLX

Union DLX

The Union DLX is a beginners binding, with a beginners low budet price tag. Cheap to buy, but doesn’t limit you to cheap performance.

They are easy to flex, giving beginners / jibbers lots of room to flex and learn without sacrificing forgiveness. If you are a beginner looking for your first set up, and are not looking to spend thousands on gear these are a good binding choice. They will let you learn with minimum problems, and you aren’t going to grow out of them too fast.

The DLX is also a cheaper option for the jibber/park rider. Some jibbers are quite tough on their gear, so if you are looking for some flexible bindings that will allow you to tweak and press without breaking the bank, these might be it.

A much better choice than the comparable Burton Customs. If you are looking at these bindings, and you can push it, I recommend that you go for the upgraded Union Contacts. A lot more bang for your buck with them.


  • Simple bindings
  • Affordable


  • Simple

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