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The Union Contact is a good binding for someone that needs quality bindings, that are tough and reliable and won’t cost too much. In real life riding, they would actually be suitable for beginner to advanced riders, and I would be happy recommending them to almost anyone. They have a soft/medium flex.

To allow the most flexibilty, they have a minimal binding to board contact point, so that your boards flex is not limited by the base of the binding.

The sit at an affordable price point, around $200, and in my view are one of the best bindings out there for the combination of features you get versus the price you pay.

Technology in the Union Contacts – and a little explanation of what it means

  • Contact base-Dupont™ Zytel© ST – the fancy material the base plate is made of
  • Fusion highback – made to be strong but still flexible
  • Dual density EVA bushings
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum heelcups
  • Quick-adjust forward lean – just a little lever to adjust your forward lean while you are out on the snow
  • Direct-connect strap system
  • Honeycomb auto fit EVA ankle strap
  • PU leather straps
  • Tool-free size adjustment
  • Magnesium buckles with aluminum cage
  • Universal disks
  • Grade 8.8 hardwear
  • Toe cup design

These bindings come in pretty sweet colours, like all Union bindings they are tough and not too expensive. The baseplate has a lifetime warranty, though I doubt anyone would be able to break it, which is probably why it is offered.

Most binding hardware is made from “mild steel”, which has a property class of 4.6. Contacts use the highest strength steel, which has a property class of 8.8, which means it is tough enough to handle the type of abuse that bindings have to go through.

The “Tool free adjustment” is good, you don’t have complete control, but changing the forward lean on the highback and the position of the ankle strap is easy even if you are out there riding, and have gloves on.

The Universal disk is compatible with all standard 4 hole boards, as well as Burtons 3d and channel boards.

Overall, they are a fun and forgiving binding, Although they have a pretty soft flex, I still like using these bindings for all mountain riding, whether that is fast carving or on deep powder days. If you are the sort of rider that wants a little bit more response from their bindings, have a look at the Force, they are a bit stiffer and only cost a little bit more.


  • Good colors
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible but still responsive

The Contacts come in the Scott Stevens, Orange and Black for the 2015 season.

union contact orange 2015 union contact black bindings

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