switchback eiki pro model bindings
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Switchback Eiki Pro Model

Switchback Eiki Pro Model

Like the Halldor model, these bindings can be adjusted without tools. Adjusting the strap position, forward lean on the highback or ened removing it completely can be done while you are out on the slopes.

A little softer than the Halldor model, the Eiki has a soft to medium flex.

In true Eiki style, they are bright, patterned and have a different design for the right and left foot.

They have a small plastic baseplate, so the binding doesn’t interfere with the true flex of the board. It has well designed padding, to soften hard landings and to help  transfer energy to edges, helping to minimise vibration.

For the loosest, skatey jib feeling, take the highback out completely without tools, while you are in the park.

At around $240, they are quite good value. If you aren’t looking for the wrap around highback style on the Halldor model, these might be the bindings for you.

Technology in the Switchback Eiki bindings:

  • Tool-less straps
  • No back insert
  • Tool-less highback
  • Natural pivot forward lean
  • Offset disc option
  • Heel impact pad
  • Tool-less footpad
  • Bumper corners
  • Direct steering

The Eiki pro model bindings are compatible with all normal 4 hole pattern boards, as well as the Burton boards with the 3d system.

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