ride revolt bindings seb toots pro model
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Ride ReVolt Seb Toots Pro Model

Ride ReVolt Seb Toots Pro Model

What sort of binding is the Ride ReVolt?

The Ride ReVolt is a freestyle binding, that is made to handle all the jumps and jibs you can handle, without being super expensive.

They have an aluminium baseplate, and Rides Slimeback DE Highback. It is made to dampen vibrations, but without losing the response and flex you need.

They are a medium flex binding, that are rated at a 5/10. They have wedgie canted footbeds, so they make it easier on your feet by keeping them in a more natural position. The footbeds are EVA padded, which helps absorb impact from big rails and hard landings.

They have a big padded 3d ankle strap, so you won’t get any pinching or sore spots. The Toe strap can be used as both a classic toe strap (over the top of the boot), or as a toe cap style.


EVA padding on the footbeds. Freestyle core on the ankle strap.

Who are these bindings made for?

Seb Toots, or people who want to ride like him – big jumps, smooth jibbing and style.

Colors available

The Pro Model is just available in red and black, but there are other colors on the regular ReVolts.

See Seb Toots riding these bindings at Mammoth

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