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Ride Maestro

Ride Maestro

On the high end of Ride’s binding range is the Maestro.

It is a mid-flexing binding, rated at a 6 out of 10 on Ride’s scale, meaning it is going to be a good amount of flex for all-mountain and freestyle riding.

It uses their ThinFlex ankle strap, which gives you the support you need, without overloading you with stuff you don’t.

It comes with wedgie 2.5 and 4.0 footbeds, so you can adjust the canting of the bindings to suit your riding style.

New this year is the Slimeback EC, which is made to help smooth out the ride and offer fluid support. Basically it does this by dampening vibrations.

The Urethane Rollbar Basepads are an injected urethane material, which is made to absorb big impacts you will be getting from hard landings.

Maybe the handiest part of these bindings, and something that is featured on all the Ride bindings on the Infinity chassis, is the Flipside Mount Strap. When the ankle strap is undone, it flips out of the way of your boot. It’s a good idea.

The Toe strap is a convertible one, meaning you can use it in either the toe cap style , or the old school over the toes – toe strap style.

The Maestro uses their forged aluminium micro-disc for mounting, which makes these bindings compatible with all normal 4 hole boards and Burton’s ICS channel boards.

The Maestro are on the higher end of bindings in both quality and price, and would be best for the intermediat to advanced rider who does a lot of all mountain and park riding.

Technology in the Ride Maestro

  • Slimeback EC
  • Urethane Rollbar base pads
  • Wedgie 2.5 and 4.0 footbeds
  • Aluminium micro-disc
  • Flipside mount strap


  • High price

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