k2 cinch ctx bindings
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K2 Cinch CTX

K2 Cinch CTX

Out of the range of Cinch bindings from K2, the CTX is the top of the line. A quick look shows that they are strong, lightweight and have a medium/medium stiff flex.

Similar to some of the other quick entry binding options from Flow and GNU, the Cinch allow you to quickly get your boot into the binding and lock it in.

The main material used in the Cinch CTX is a reinforced nylon, which is strong and light. The baseplate (called cinch C2) is made of nylon, while the heelcup is aluminium. To reduce the overall weight, wherever there was the option the binding has been cored out to keep it light but still strong.

It has a canted EVA footbed, made to be natural and comfortable for your feet and knees. The footbeds have what K2 call Harshmellow Shockpads, made to help absorb big landings and those chopped up days.

It has a mediumish flex, which is rated at a 6 our of 10. Enough so that you can flex it when you need to, but is going to be responsive.

The K2 Cinch CTX come in two colors:


k2 cinch ctx bindings


k2 cinch ctx bindings

These bindings are going to be a good choice for someone who wants the convenience of quick entry, but still keeping easy adjustment on the ankle and toe straps.

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