flux tm bindings blueprint 2017
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Flux Team

Flux Team

Flux Team 2017

The Flux Team or TM is a stiff and lightweight binding that is made to give you a responsive ride.

Features of the Flux Team

  • 5/5 Stiffness
  • 3/5 Lightness
  • Solid TM Highback
    This is the stiffest highback in the Flux line
  • Ultima Baseplate
    This is made of their super nylon blend, which
  • Tool-less adjustment
    A feature that is on almost all Flux bindings (except for their budget bindings), which means you can adjust the straps and the highback without needing a screwdriver.
  • Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion
    You can easily adjust the toe and heel cushions so that you get the most support under your boot.
  • Honeycomb Strap
    The ankle straps are made of a strong and but flexible material, that wraps around boots nicely and doesn’t make and pressure points.
  • Micro Ratchet Buckles
    They are 30% smaller, and are easy to tighten the bindings right up, without making them hard to get off.
  • F.T.M. Versa
    The toe cap they have had for the past couple of seasons is a much better one than the old models had. You won’t have any problems with it slipping off.
  • L-Guide
    These are just the names for the piece of plastic that runs over the ladder once it has gone through the buckles, which stops them from sticking out.
  • UU Fit

Sizes Available:

  • Small (4.5-7.5)
  • Medium (7-10)
  • Large (9-13+)

What size bindings do I need for my boots?

Flux Mens Binding Size Guide
Binding Size Small Medium Large
Mens Boot Size 4.5-7.5 7-10 9-13+

Flux TM 2017 colors

flux tm bindings john jackson 2017

John J

flux tm bindings blueprint 2017


flux tm bindings snowboarder 2017


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