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Flux RK

Flux RK

The Flux RK are bindings that are made for the terrain park.

The standout feature of the RK is the urethane highback. It gives enough support when you are putting weight on your heels, but twist and tweak it and is has a crazy amount of flex. Tweaking and pressing are definitely not going to be held back by this highback.

Like all of the flux range, the adjustments are all tool-less, you can even change them with your gloves still on.

For maximum comfort and making sure that it doesn’t give you any pressure points, the F-Tech 3D fit ankle strap fits easily over your boot. Being a 3d design all the time, rather than something that is bent over your boot, means that it can be a tiny bit harder to get it out of the way to get your boot it, but provides a much better fit.

Same as on all of the Flux range, the ratchets are a more open design, that helps stop the snow and ice from building up and not working properly.

The Flux RK are going to be great bindings for someone who wants something that is going to be soft and flexible for riding in the park, but will still hold up for for rinding everywhere else.

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