burton escapade bindings 2017 black
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Burton Escapade

Burton Escapade

The Burton Escapade are some mid flexing, comfortable bindigns that have plenty of features.

Features of the Burton Escapade bindings

  • Medium Response
  • Single Component Baseplate Construction
    One material is used for the baseplate, so that it has an even flex in spots.
  • 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite
    More responsive than the lower % versions.
  • Canted Hi-Back Design
    The Hi-Backs are canted (angled) to fit the natural shape of your legs, so there is a left and a right highback, rather than the old style that used one design for both legs. The idea is that these are more comfortable, and make riding easier.
  • Zero Forward Lean Hi-Back
    You can adjust the forward lean on the highbacks to zero degrees, which will give you loose and relaxed ride.
  • Kickback Hammock
    A feature that is only on the few high end bindings, the idea is that the hammock holds your heel in place (sort of like suspension) which gives you more response, while also reducing the vibrations you feel.
  • MicroFLAD
    The FLAD stands for Forward Lean ADjuster, which is a little dial that you can spin to add or remove forward lean on the high backs.
  • Womens-Specific True Fit Design
  • Hammockstrap
    The newer style ankle straps, that are made from a flexible, but strong and light plastic sort of material. There is a stronger cross spine that runs over the mesh area, which means you still get a solid feel once you have tightened the bindings, but is still comfortable.
  • Flex Slider
    Just like the old slider, only the flex slider have a compressed area that lets the ankle strap fold out of the way while you are putting your boot in. In case you are worried about it being weak, they claim it is actually stronger than the old design, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I was a bit skeptical about the flex slider on my bindings, but I have had no troubles at all with mine – I guess that is why they offer the warranty on this part.
  • Supergrip Capstrap
    A stretchy and grippy capstrap material, that won’t move once you have tightened it down.
  • Double Take Buckles
    The newer style of buckles, that grips the ladder quickly, and tightens easily.
  • AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System
  • B3 Gel
    Some extra cushioning that is made to work well no matter how many times it is compressed, even in super cold weather.
  • Under-Baseplate Dampening Pad
    A dampening pad under the bindings that is made to absorb vibrations.
  • Burton Bindings Warranty
    The baseplate has a lifetime warranty, while the straps and hi-backs have a one year warranty.

Sizes Available:

  • S
  • M
  • L

The Escapades aren’t a cheap binding, but they come with plenty of features. They come in two versions, the Re:Flex version that will mount to any board, and the EST version that works with Burton Channel boards. If you are looking for a specific version and can’t find it below, have a search on this page.

Burton Escapade Bindings Size Guide

Women’s Boot Size 4-6 6-8 8+
Men’s Boot Size * 6-7 8-10
EURO Boot Size 34-36.5 36.5-40 40+
UK Boot Size 2.5-4 4-6 6+
Mondo Boot Size 21-23 23-25 25+

2017 Escapade Colors

burton escapade bindings 2017 black

burton escapade bindings 2017 shifty white
Shifty White



Burton Escapade bindings are super light weight, high end responsive bindings. They are aimed at experienced riders who need bindings that won’t let them down.

They are EST bindings, so they only mount on Burton ICS boards. Make sure to watch out if you have white or light colored boots, as the colour of the bindings might rub off onto them.


  • Lightweight
  • Padded
  • Responsive


  • Expensive

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