burton deathfalcon bindings 2016 primed
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Burton Deathfalcon

Burton Deathfalcon

The Burton Deathfalcon are winged highback, park and freestyle bindings.

Similar in look to the older Cobrashark, the Deathfalcon have a stiffer flex, with upgraded straps.

They have the Re:Flex baseplate, which means that you can mount these bindings on any board. In the box there is 3 sets of discs, one for the regular 4×4 mounting system, Burtons old 3d system, as well as The Channel for mounting to Burton or Endeavor Channel boards.

The size of the baseplate is made to be as small as possible, and cored out so that it is light, and doesn’t interfere with the “true” flex of the board.

Probably the most obvious thing about these bindings is the winged high back. Same as the Cobrashark and one version of the Malavita’s, the winged highback wraps around the top of your boot on the outside. It is made especially for park riders and jibbers, who can take advantage of the wing to help press and butter their board.

The high back has the options to set the forward lean at 0 degrees, which is very useful for people riding rails, or who just have a loose and relaxed style of snowboarding. For people who are a bit more aggressive, to adjust the forward lean you just need to flip the little lever down, push the highback forward and lock it back in.

The Asym Reactstrap has a giant fancy name, the pretty much means that it has a thick side and a thinner side. You can swap the strap between your front and back bindings if you want to choose between “power” and “mobility”. When you have the larger side on the outside of your bindings (towards the tip or tail) it gives you more leverage and control, but if you reverse them you will get more flex and play.

The Gettagrip Capstrap are nice toe caps, stretchy and realiable. Not something you will have to worry about.

The EVA padding on the baseplate has two densities, which means that your boot will settle and give you the most natural feeling canting, no matter the angle your bindings are set on.

Features of the Burton Deathfalcon

  • Park Blend 18% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite
  • Single Component Baseplate Construction
  • Re:Flex Baseplate Construction
  • Single-Component Hi-Back Construction
  • Canted Hi-Back Design
  • Zero-Lean Hi-Back
  • Winged Hi-Back
  • MicroFLAD
  • Asym Reactstrap
  • Gettagrip Capstrap
  • Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System
  • Updated Under-Baseplate Dampening Pad
  • Re-Ground Materials

What size bindings do I need for my boots?

Burton Mens Binding Size Guide Mens
Binding Size S M L
Mens Boot Size 6-8 8-11 10+
Womens Boot Size 5-9 9-11 11+
Euro Boot Size 38-41 41-44 43+
UK Boot Size 5-7 7-10 9+
Mondo Boot Size 24-26 26-29 28+

burton deathfalcon bindings 2016 primed


burton deathfalcon bindings 2016 lichen like

Lichen Like

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